Andaman Trang - Satun

The last two provinces next to the coast of Andaman

the tourist area surrounded by the lively nature such as the vast forest, waterfalls. There are caves which created the sculpture beauty for us. The terrestrial and aquatic animals depend on these flawless nature.

Trang and Satun seas is connected to each other, tourists could dive to see coral reef and stay on the islands, for the foreigner who like to travel by boats. In the tourism season, there will be furry for your convenience at wharfs or stop at the islands close by. The furry route will start from Phuket, Phi Phi islands, Krabi, Lanta island, Ngai island, Mook island, Bu-loan island, Li-pe island, then the last stop is at Langkawi island, Malaysia as the destination.

The maritime area from Trang to the islands in the Tarutao National Marine Park usually called as the new coral diving location of Asia, which the seabed still full of nature, challenged and excited undersea wonders such as Stone Hence which is at 27 meters deep and not far from Li-pe island, Satun. The coral reef which been talking among divers is the 8 miles Rocks, south of Li-pe island, 45 minutes traveling time. The excitement will start from the 16 meters to 45 meters deep. Trang and Satun is the new popular tourist destination for both foreigners and Thais. Especially, Tarutao National Marine Park which is the first Thailand national marine park that being chosen by UNESCO to be the ASEAN Heritage and gained a lot of worldwide reputation. As well as Li-pe island, the National Geographic, the worldwide magazine, has ranked it to be one of the 20s best tourist destination. The Morakot cave at Mook island in Trang is also equally popular. It is the wonder of closed sea, with the emerald sea and surrounded by great mountains. Tourists need to float pass the cave into the beach, which will be surprised by the magical beauty. Don’t you want to experience it? You should start to plan you next trips at Trang and Satun, if you coming for the trip, you better visit these two provinces and you will be in love with Trang and Satun.