Trang is the province of Andaman coast, 828 kilometers from Bangkok which has the border connected to these area :

North : Connected to Toong Song district of Nakhon Si Thammarat and Klong Tom district of Krabi.
South : Connected to Toong Wah district of Satun, Rataphoom district of Songkla, and Strait of Malacca.
East : Connected to Kwuan Kanoon district, Kong La district, Ta Mod district of Phatthalung which separated by Buntad mountain range.
West : Connected to Andaman sea, India ocean, Klong Tom district, Lan-ta island district of Krabi.

Satun is the province at the end of south border of Thailand on the Andaman coast, 973 kilometers from Bangkok, which has the border connected to these area :

North               Connected to Pa Lien district of Trang, Rataphoom district of Song-kla, Pa Bon district of Phatthalung.
South               Connected to Perlis and Kedah, Malaysia.
East                 Connected to Sa-dao district of Song-kla and Perlis, Malaysia.
West                Connected to Andaman sea and India ocean.