To exchange money to Thai Baht

Most of the banks have opened the money exchange counter around the tourist area. Around the big tourist attraction also have lots of private companies or money exchange counter which mostly have the board to show the daily exchange rates. To exchange money to Thai Baht is needed cash of each countries only, could not use Travel Cheque to exchange to cash. To exchange money from any manners to Thai Baht will not be any service charge, no need to show passport or any identification card. Please carefully count the Thai Baht in front of the officer. The exchange rate of banks in any branches will be the same but each banks will have slightly different exchange rate.

ATM, withdraw cash

ATM for withdraw cash is more convenience than go to bank, most of the banks has install ATM in front of the banks or any tourist area, convenient store, bus station, and airports. To withdraw cash from ATM will be charge 150 baht per time

Credit Card

Hotels, most of restaurants is accept credit card for the shops or middle-size restaurants may accept credit card but may be charge for 1.5 – 3 %. Please check carefully the charge before use credit card.