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Koh Kradan
Koh Kradan is one of the most beautiful islands of Trang, in Chao Mai National Park, Koh Kradan is a very wide island. This island has large beach and white sand and perfect for swimming. The water is so clear that coral reefs and several species of fish can be seen every day, many tourists visit the island to swim, sunbath, enjoy the beauty of the beach. The island also has a rich natural environment, with trees or stunning and beautiful rock beds. The island is beautiful in a natural way and gets attention nationwide, as it is mentioned in surveys.
Koh Chuek
Koh Chuek is two small islands next to each other, with no beach. It is the most beautiful snorkeling point in Trang. The abundance underwater world is full of blue corals, Staghorn corals, Cauliflower corals, soft corals with colors such as white, yellow, orange, red and purple, anemone corals, coral reefs, a lot of fish playfully swimming around playfully visitors can enjoy snorkeling. If you have a camera for underwater photography, you will get plenty of photographs to show your friends. Be careful of the channel between the two islands, as the stream is extremely rapid. When snorkeling, a rope is needed and to lift your body. On a tour, the professional will suggest that you wear a lifejacket all the time. The travel agency provides lifejackets, diving masks, and snorkels. Tourists who dive regularly may bring their own. Some companies do not provide fins Koh wan is near Koh Chuek and is also interesting.


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