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Koh Lao Liang Nong (North)
Lao Liang Nong is a small island in the Andaman Sea, 22 kilometers away from a long beach harbor in Trang located in the area of Phetra National Park. It takes 35-40 minutes by speed boat and 90 minutes by tourist boat. Lao Liang Nong is a limestone mountain surrounded by cliffs 100s of meters tall. It is perfect for climbing and sheltering from natural disasters. There is a white beach with pure clear seawater, with abundant beautiful coral reefs on the east side. At Lao Liang Nong, the water is filled with sea anemones, clownfish, other species of ornamental fish, and seven-colored soft corals that are well-known in Trang province, There are also colorful sea fans many rare. It is perfect for snorkeling. 
Koh Laoliang Tai (South)
Koh Laoliang Tai is located 320 meters to the south of Koh Laoliang Nong. Lao Liang Tai is an island with beautiful white beach. Taking just five minutes from LaoliangNong, You will see the white beach, various kinds of beautiful fish, and abundant coral. There are more than 70 fishing families, which temporarily live an Lao Ling, sheltering from wind and living in knots when they go fishing. You can also buy fresh blue swimming crabs, which cannot be found in the city. The area of Lao Liang Tai is a viewpoint for both Lao Liang islands: Lao LiangTai and Lao Liang Nong.
Koh Ta Kiang
An island located 4 km. away from Koh Lao Liang Nua (North) and Koh Laoliang Tai (south). The sand is white and water is clear. Most visitors like diving to see coral reefs, such as Staghorn corals, Massive corals, and Table corals, Which are shelters for ornamental fish. The water in this area is like clear glass. If you want to have a perfect trip in Trang, ending the trip at Koh Ta Keang will make your life bright and glorious forever.


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