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Khao Lak Waterfall
This is located in Nam Phud subdistrict, 18 kilometers away from the district office. Streams flow all year long, with abundant nature.
Old Buildings of Trang Town
The Old Buildings of Trang is in the Sino-Portuguese style. This style is the mixture of the colonial style and the chinese style(In the previous time Trang is the important trading port that this style is popular among the trading ports with is the international trade, culture and transportation link from any part of the world).
Frog-headedTuk-Tuk, characterising Trang
If you do not ride in a frog-headed Tuk-Tuk, you have not visited Trang!. Take a seat, take a picture! are Trang train station or in front of hotels, The gathering points of the frog-head Tuk-Tuks are hotels. Frog-headed Tuk Tuks of Trang were originally from Japan in the 1959 tree wheels, small, no roof. They were modified to carry passengers and goods. The TukTuks have been part of Trang for more than 50 years. The TukTuk character is Trang in the early morning, when the sky is still dark, the TukTuks will pick up and drop of raiders transporting their goods to sell at the morning market. Some take rubber trappers to a plantation in the very early morning. Later at 7-8 am, TukTuks will take students to school and workers to their workplaces. When it gets later, it is time to go to a coffee house; TukTuk drivers take a seat and drink coffee or tea with the grilled pork of Trang. Currently, over 100 TukTuks are provided ply the streets of Trang are needed for tourists to get around the city, one-day hires, or for city tours.


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