Referent place

Ban Thungsabo, Thungwa District
Baan Thungsabo, Thungwa District > Watch the women group processing seafood. > View products from coconut shells. > Kayak in the sea. > Raise fish in soil ponds. > Youth Boxing Camp and Muay Thai Dance.
Ban Nathon, Thungwa District
Baan Nathon, Thungwa District > Visit growing oysters from nature. > Cruise through Khangkhao Maekai Cave, Phok Bat, and Maikhao Bay. > Study of mangrove ecosystems > See Songnam Waterfall
Ban Bo Jed Luk, La-Ngoo District
Baan Bo Jedluk, La-Ngoo District > See fishermen’s way of life such as hunting fish and shrimps._x000D_> See historic caves such as Bo Jedluk, Ruesi Cave, and Sua Sinlai Cave. _x000D_> Study local wisdom, agriculture, and growing watermelons. > Learn fish farming.
Ban Khok Phayom, La-Ngoo District
Baan Khok Phayon, La-Ngoo District, you can : 1. Learning natural route of mangrove ecosystem. 2. Learn to cook traditional food and seaweeds (Latos) 3. Watch procession of local raw materials “Luk Hoi”
Ban Ba Kan Yai, Koh Sarai
Baan Ba Gan Yai, Koh Sarai_x000D_> Habitat of bottlenose dolphins, dugongs and sea turtles > Visit the largest shell cemetery in the country. > Find wing shells
Ban Khuanpho _x000D_Muang Distric
Baan Khuan Pho, Muang District    > Eat brown rice from organic farms.    > See community’s way of life such as feeding goats and fish.    > See waterfowl at Plak Phraya Swamp    > Walk in the forest to see nature
Ban KetriMuang Distric
Baan Gettree, Muang District > Learning activities of the sufficiency economy as the King’s project. > Categorize food / gift / local snacks. > Manage water users from upstream, midstream, and downstream.
Ban Hua Thang Muang District
Baan Hua Thang, Muang District > Cruise to see habitat of pink dolphins and mangrove animals. > Kayaking to see mangroves and swimming. > Learn how to find white shells on Hoi Khao Beach. > Practice making tie-dyed fabrics from bark. > Learn how to feed crabs.
Ban Hua Hin, La-Ngoo District
Ban Hua Hin La-Ngoo District > Learn how to prepare a crab bank. > Go to Don Hoi Lot. > Sail to fish as fishermen’s style. > Cruise to see beauty of Koh Lidi.


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