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Kai-Nui Tae Tiam Restaurant
Kai Nui is a longtime restaurant along with Trang for decades. Dim Sum Restaurant in mornings is clean, nice and vintaged. Selling dim sum, congee, and fried egg.
This is like a personal Cantonese-style dim sum is open for more than 60 years, the noodle dwarf. Congee Noodle Noodle Pork pork bone stock. The dim sum a few of fried spring rolls with Jago's fried dumpling, fried noodles, fried thousands of people steamed white pleated yellow gourd tofu stuffed with minced pork, tofu, fish, pork chops wrapped seaweed. Today, the line was almost 8:00 pm. I will not eat white people. Like white people and yellow people of good taste here. Sui pork bone stock The soup was delicious, mellow flavor
TON NUN restaurant is dim sum restaurant. Restaurants such as shops of Trang it. Many departments together
Nakrong Restaurant
Breakfast restaurant, a shop in Trang crowded but fast service. Food and dim sum served the clients choice. Pricing is underway and a plate. The dim sum is also a single dish, fried shrimp, fried fish, grilled pork, Trang yourself a sweet taste to most. Eat a lot, too greasy.
phong osha 1
phong osha 1 is the oldest restaurant in city of Trang. Open for more than 28 years, there were two branches we eat is one branch of the road. Back alley downtown 3 kilometers from the railway station in Trang branch 2 Soi enjoy defender first Dim Sum of the restaurant has a lot of 41 items, in addition to dim sum, there are also the many others like roast pork stew, pork boiled fish. Chinese noodles, braised pork ribs
ruean thai Dim Sum resteraunt
ruean thai Dim Sum restaraunt open for more than 10 years ago because the people, especially the Chinese people in many ways. Southern provinces such as Phuket, Trang and they eat dim sum for breakfast together hits. If the resident then It should be his connivance by local pig right now. With regards to sip hot coffee. Eaten with crispy pork skin. Roast duck with noodles And over 50 dim sum menu, including dumplings, Kuicheai, har gow, delicious dumpling noodle tubes hard ever since morning.


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